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Närpes is an active town, where something is always happening. The Tomato Carnival in July is our largest event; however, large and small happenings are arranged throughout the year. Here you are able to enjoy high class concerts and theater plays, exciting sports contests, happy summer dances and much more. More information can be found in the calendar of events or on the homepages of the individual promoters.


Närpes is a proud, old farming region and thanks to the close proximity to the ocean we have a fishing industry with a heritage. Many of the sights are tied to it, such as traditional museums, church stables, old fishing posts and so on. They offer visitors a unique opportunity to imagine how day-to-day life was lived by the common person.

In addition, Närpes has an interesting history, which the many memorials and ancients remains attest to. Some of the events that happened in Närpes have left their marks on the history of the entire country. At the beginning of the 1900’s, weapons that came to be used by the Finnish and Russian resistance movement were unloaded from the steamship Peter in the village of Pjelax, while right before the end of World War two, sensitive Finnish intelligence material was shipped to Sweden from the village of Nämpnäs, so that it would not fall in to the hands of the Soviet.


There is a diverse supply of shops in Närpes. Downtown they range from department stores to specialty shops with a supply of clothes, gifts and electronics all located within a small area. At Högback, which is situated a couple of kilometers from the downtown core there is another city center with department stores and shops. The villages have picturesque village stores and farm shops selling their own products. In short, there is something for everybody in Närpes!