Concerts, exhibitions or festivals. What's happening this spring in Närpes?

19 March 2024

Here you can read the English version of Visit Närpes!

19 March 2024

Overmark Bed & Breakfast is housed in an old building that has previously served as a hospital. Here, you can enjoy hospitality, history, and an atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else. This is a place where even ghosts can become a part of the experience 😊👻

19 March 2024

Make the most and the best of your visit to Närpes and let yourself be guided through the countryside by the knowledgeable and skilled guides of the Närpes Guide Club. They possess a local expertise that cannot be found in brochures, and the stories they share will add that little extra to your visit to Närpes.

For bookings, contact Britta Hannus-Gullmets at 040 911 8544, Inger Granfors at 040 750 3505, or Visit Närpes Tourist Information at 045 276 0740

19 March 2024

Land uplift is a very tangible phenomenon in Närpes, where areas that are now forests and fields were formerly ocean floor. The land rises in the Närpes region by just over 8 cm per year and affects the landscape very visibly since the surrounding nature changes as the land rises. In old times land elevation puzzled residents along the coast who did not understand why the shoreline moved. They assumed the amount of seawater was reducing as ports became more shallow and you now had land to grow and farm where previous generations had fished.

08 April 2024

Get acquainted with Bengtsgården and the agricultural museum without taking a single step outside the door! A virtual tour can't entirely replace a real visit but you can consider it preparation for the actual visit!


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