Concerts, exhibitions or festivals. What's happening this summer in Närpes?

28 May 2024

Welcome to the sculpture trail in Öjskogsparken, a half-kilometer long walk filled with artistic experiences. A perfect combination of art and nature in a harmonious environment.

The sculpture trail starts at the parking lot on Prästövägen, making it an easily accessible place to begin your art walk. From here, the trail winds through the forest, lined with imaginative sculptures created by local artists. The trail ends where it started, making it easy to find your way back to the starting point.

10 June 2024

Närpes is home to many cultural associations and events that enrich the lives of both the locals and visitors. Närpes has an active art club and an equally active photography club, Närpes Teater draws audiences from far and wide to its plays and the Närpes School brass band together with Närpes Drill are famous throughout the Nordic region. Some places and events where you can dive into and take part in Näpres rich cultural life is listed here on page 7.

07 May 2024

Närpes Theatre offers a unique experiencewhere summer plays are performed in the Närpes dialect. The revolving stage creates a theater experience beyond the ordinary,
where the audience slowly rotates between the different scenes that are set up around the stage.

14 May 2024

Närpes guideklubb ordnar följande i sommar:

30.6 Hästbesök i kyrkstallarna 11.30

I tidsenligt klädsel visar man hur det gick till förr när hästen fick vara i kyrkstallarna medan husfolket gick på gudstjänst

Kyrkogårdsvandringar/gravgårdsvandringar tisdagar i juli kl. 18.00

2.7 Yttermark gravgård, infart från vettmossvägen. Guide: Karl-Johan Jansson

9.7 Kyrkogården vid Närpes kyrka, guidning på finska. Guide: Marianne Winter

16.7 Kyrkogården vid Närpes kyrka. GUide: YVonne Ståhlgård-Karlsson

14 May 2024

"Mittistan" in the heart of Närpes is a place full of possibilities. Here you find Hotel and Restaurant Red & Green and you can also enjoy exciting film experiences and cultural events in our versatile cultural hall. Visit the art gallery to explore works by local artists or experience exhibitions from international artists. You can find more information here:

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