About Närpes

Do you want to experience a viable countryside, closeness to the sea and authentic small town idyll? Then Närpes is the destination for you!

A scenic landscape

The region is molded by its charming villages with well-tended, beautiful farms, open farm landscape and greenhouses. The land uplift following the ice age is remarkable in Närpes and what makes up the forest and fields today used to be the bottom of the ocean.

However, the ocean is never far away and there are many small, picturesque harbors with their rows of red fishing huts and tranquil places to swim along the coast. When you go through the city, every now and then you will encounter Närpes å, the creek that meanders through the landscape. It flows through almost all of Närpes from north to south and creates a lush oasis with blossoming water lilies.

The city center is made up by a modern commercial center where you can purchase food, interior décor items, clothes and everything in between. A stone’s throw from the city center you will find some of the most important sights of the city- the church with its unique church stables and the open-air museum Öjskogsparken.

An abundant cultural life and viable sports activities

If you have a hankering for hustle and bustle you can join the versatile events and the abundant cultural life. One of our largest events is the tomato carnival, a festival where the tomato, our red gold, is in focus. There are also many other, both bigger and smaller, events in Närpes. This is thanks to our active associations and organizations. One of them, Närpes school musical corps, offers high class concerts on their home base from time to time. However, they are also known far across the nation’s borders. Närpes Teater, the theater with its revolving bleachers, and the Frank Mangs Center are examples of other much appreciated event organizers.

Närpes also has a lot to offer those who want to do different sports. For example, there is an ice hall and a sport hall in the winter. The best known athletes from Närpes come from the Kraft soccer association, as well as the runner Jonathan Åstrand

Strong entrepreneurial spirit

There is a very strong entrepreneurial spirit in Närpes. The city is best known for its greenhouses and today approximately 60% of the nation’s tomatoes are produced here, as well as app. 35 % of the nation’s cucumbers. Another major industry is the trucking- and trailer addition industry. Farming, fur farming and egg production are also significant industries. All this entrepreneurial spirit demands workers and Närpes is also known for its large work immigration. There are people of about 30 different nationalities living in the city.

Ages old dialect

The majority of the citizens (85,5 %) has Swedish as their mother tongue, but the Swedish dialect that is spoken here still sounds very different from the one in Sweden. The Närpes dialect still carries many old distinctions that can no longer be found in modern Swedish. That is why there are some similarities between the Närpes dialect and Norwegian and Icelandic. But you don’t have to worry; all Närpes citizens understand and can speak common, modern Swedish. On top of that, most also know Finnish and English.

Some facts about Närpes

Citizens: 9380

Area: 970 km2

Shore line: app. 700 km

Language: Swedish 85,5 %, Finnish 5,8 %, others 8,7 %

Do you want to know more about Närpes? You can find more information about every-day life in Närpes on the town's homepage: www.narpes.fi


Fakta om Närpes

Invånarantal: 9497

Areal: 970 km2

Strandlinje: ca 700 km

Språk: svenska 79 %, finska 5,5 %, övriga 15,6 %