Närpes Mat & Mystik Food and cultural event

In harvest time, as days shorten and weather cools down it's time for the annual autumn event Närpes Mat & Mystik, held September 8-9. Friday evening offers various cultural events in the town centre. The town square turns into a street food market selling delicious food portions and there will be a fashion show and activities for children in the park. On Saturday you can hop on the bus, free of charge, and take a ride around Närpes and visit various happenings and markets. The bus takes you from the town centre to Övermark and Nämpnäs. Bus timetables and stops as well as the programme will be updated as they confirm.


Town square:
Food market 17-22
Restaurants: sea food platter at Red&Green, La Taverna

18.30 Flow Dance Company

19.30 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with performances and dragon dance

20.30 Lantern parade in the town centre

21.00 Burlesque performance

The park

17-20 Balloon artist Jaani Hintikainen, all kids can have a balloon figure

18-20 Skapa and Närpes Konstklubb – Art and painting for kids

18.00 Opening of the Children's magic mobile library

19-20 Fashion show

Additional activities

17-20 Kajsas Konst – open studio, Stationsvägen 95

17-19 Karin Lipkin-Forsén – open studio, Nybrovägen 3

18.00 Guided tour in the town centre with Närpes Guideklubb

Art hall, Mittistan

Fotoklubben Focus 50th anniversary photo exhibition

Frans Henrikson Hall, Mittistan

21.00 Cinema: Nun 2


10.00-18.00 Market event at Öfvermark lemonad

12.00-16.00 Flea market at Övermark UF

10.00-16.00 Open house at Övermark B&B

12.30 Cemetery walk at Övermark cemetery

12.00-15.00 Övermark local history musem is open

11.30-17.00 Mat & Mystik event at Strandhem, lunch for sale

11.00-14.00 Mias konstsalong open studio, Österfjärdsvägen 82, coffee for sale

11.00-14.00 Öjskog Park, Forge day and pancakes – European Heritage Days

10.00-15.00 Cornelia

Bus route from Öjskog Park to Strandhem with a stop at Mia's art salon and from Cornelia (car park at former Päivis, Östra gränden) to Öfvermark lemonad with stops at Övermark B&B and the church. Bus timetables [[{"fid":"130445","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":""},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"1":{"format":"default","alignment":""}},"link_text":"busnarpesmm_eng.pdf","attributes":{"class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"1"}}]]