The church in Övermark was built 1875-1878, because the parish had been granted independency from the parish of Närpes by the tsar in 1871.

According to the architect Theodor Granstedt the church ought to be painted yellow and the roof painted with tar and red paint, but the architect Krister Korpela gave the church a new look in 1967 by suggesting that the church should be painted in two different shades of purple with white corners and greyish blue ornaments.

In 1933 the painter Axel Haartman from Turku painted the altarpiece, which is three meters tall and depicts the crucifixion. Before the church was built, there was a small school cottage mentioned already in 1674.

In summer the church is open to visitors mon-thu 8-15.


Korsnäsvägen 1, 64610 Övermark
0407117692 må/ma/mon-on/ke/wed 8-16