Robin Hood in Öjskogsparken this summer

Come and enjoy a theatrical experience out of the ordinary this summer, as the revolving bleachers take you on a journey through space and time!

The revolving bleachers of Närpes Theatre are located in connection with the museum area in Öjskogsparken. This is where Närpes Teater builds its summer plays. The revolving bleachers move the audience slowly spinning between the scenes built around it bringing the viewer to the centre of events. This summer, Närpes Teater invites you to a breathtaking adventure as Öjskogsparken transforms into medieval England under the reign of King Richard. While the king is out on crusade, the people suffer under Prince John. In Sherwood Forest lives a band of outlaws who take from the rich and give to the poor. Robin Hood, one of the most famous robbers of all time, speaks in Närpes dialect this summer, since all of the plays in the theatre are always performed in dialect.